Crusade Manager


Beta 691.021.M3

  • Ligthweight units
    • Only managing crusade data
    • No weapon or unit profiles
  • New default sober theme
    • You can change the theme in the Profile -> Settings menu
  • Handling of the new Dakka weapon type
    • Players can type X/Y in the attack value of a weapon (eg. Dakka 16/12)
  • Adding a "Free" detachment with no restriction
    • It can be used to handle tricky detachment rules (eg. when some unit becomes free in the detachment under some conditions)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixing a missing error message when entering wrong login credentials
    • Adding tooltips to describe the possible values of fields in weapon profiles
    • Fixing various layout issues
    • Fixing a bug when saving a battle report in battle mode
    • Fixing missing space between weapon rule names in weapon datacards
    • Sorting of weapons and rules by name

Beta 118.021.M3

  • Battle reports
    • Each player can write their own report
    • Players can write the report during or after the battle
    • Reports can contain pictures
  • Detachment properties
    • New detachment rules (eg. a Chapter tactic) can be created under the Unit Rule menu
    • Such rules can be attached to a detachment under the army list menu
    • Players can choose a tag on which the rule will be applied
    • If no tag is provided, the rule applies on all units of the detachment
  • Battle mode
    • Added counters for primary and secondary objectives
    • Added a weapon summary
  • Players can now create custom battle honours and battle scars
  • Various layout improvements and tooltips
  • Various bugfixes
    • Fixed the CP computation in army lists
    • Fixed bugs in the selection of units in detachments
    • Fixed the use of special characters in profile and rule names
    • Fixed the use of tags in tooltips

Beta 967.020.M3

  • Friends list
    • Adding 'Friend' submenu in 'Profile'
    • Users can invite friends
    • Users have a read-only access to their friends' crusades
    • Users can give their friends a read-only access to their army lists
  • Fixing a bug preventing the creation of new relics

Beta 952.020.M3

: community suggested improvement
  • PDF export of army lists
  • Points of weapons and rules are now set in the unit template. This allows to set different point costs depending on the unit
  • Unit template form: search field added in rule and weapon selection

Beta 931.020.M3

: community suggested improvement
  • Pictures support
    • Picture upload on units cards
    • Either display the full picture or a selected area of it
    • Images are properly converted to 4/3 format to avoid distortion
  • Points support
    • Point cost selection for weapons, unit rules and profiles
    • Automatic computation of point value of each unit
    • Automatic computation of point value of army lists
  • Improvements and bug fixes
    • Added rule or a weapon edition from unit card by clicking their name
    • Added supply limit edition from crusade screen   
    • Added an edit button at the bottom of datacards
    • Improved spacing between various interface elements
    • Profile fields content is now selected when clicking it  

Beta 889.020.M3

  • Datasheets and cards support
    • Units
    • Weapons
    • Spells
    • Relics
    • Unit rules
    • Weapon rules
  • Crusade management
    • Crusade cards with support for
      • Rank tracking
      • XP tracking
      • Kills tracking
      • Crusade Pts tracking
      • Relic and traits
      • Battle honours/scars
    • Army and detachment management
      • Army legality check
      • Command points automatic computation
    • Requisition points management
      • RP tracking
      • RP spending on core requisitions
      • Army supply computation
    • Battle management
      • Command points tracking
      • Kills and XP tracking
      • Out of action management
    • Post-battle management
      • Mark for greatness choice
      • Out of action status management
      • Battle honour granting support
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