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Crusade manager is your free companion for Warhammer 40,000 9th edition narrative mode. Enter and manage datasheets and rules, create your crusade cards and keep track of your crusade progress - all in one place.

Manage your armies with style: choose between a simple and efficient Imperium-based themed, or embrace the best the 41st millenium technology has to offer with a CRT-dataslate display.

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Create and edit datasheets on every element you need to play: spells, weapons and units, alongside their rules and modifiers. A clear card design allow you to identify objects at a glance and easily edit and update them.
  • Record weapons and spell datacards
  • Record unit datasheets, bind them weapons, spells and rules
  • Simple card design for efficient information visualisation
  • Handy tag system and search engine allow you to find what you look for in a blink
  • Edited elements will automatically update everywhere they are used: no need to edit an element in every datasheet!
Efficiently manage your Order of Battle: create crusade cards from armoury datasheets and enrole them into your armies.
  • Easy crusade card creation: pick a unit from your armoury, choose its weapons, profiles and rules, give it a custom name and you're ready to wage war!
  • Keep track of your units' carriers: full support for XP, battle ranks, battle honours and scars.
  • Create armies and detachments: bind your Order of Battle units to them and command points, power level and crusade points of your armies will be automatically calculated.
  • Keep track of your requisitions: check how many requisitions points and supply you have. Core rules requisitions are fully supported, allowing you to easily spend RPs to upgrade your crusade.
Track the status and feats of your units in the midst of battle and easily access their crusade cards information and all rules and statlines. Less perusing through the books, more strategic moves and dice rolls!
  • Easily identify your units with the summary cards, and access their detailed informations in one click
  • Track your units' kills, tally experience and status during the battle.
  • Easily manage your command points
  • Battles can be saved and resumed, allowing you to log out and immediately jump back to the action
Post-battle updates made easy: everything is automatically computed, leaving the interesting rank-up decisions to you.
  • Mark an eligible unit for greatness
  • Resolve Out of Action tests
  • Experience is automatically granted, asking you to pick a battle honour if a unit ranks up
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