Crusade Manager


What is this website about?
It is a companion for your games of Warhammer 40k 9th edition narrative campaign. It allows you to set up your armies and units, have a quick access to rules and profiles during your games and easily track your units' progresses throughout the campaign.
How long will it take me to setup a battle?
Expect an hour to input all the armoury material for a 50PL army, and less than 5 minutes to setup your army after that.
Setting up everything in the armoury is tedious!
Yes it is :) Making all rules and datasheets available on this site would be a huge copyright infringement, and you will need the Core Rulebook and your faction Codex and Add-ons in order to use this website. However, once the initial setup phase is done and all the relevant datasheets are in place, you will not need the books at all as you will be able to access everything you need to play from your units cards.
Pre-implemented crusade rules looks weird...
Yes, they are incomplete. In order to not breach GW copyright, we only created the rules and their names, but you will have to fill them in using the rulebook. Click on a rule to edit its information.
I am experiencing bugs/weird website behaviour, what can I do?
Start by clearing up your browser cache (guide for Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge) and cookies ( Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge) and then reloading the page. This will ensure you have the latest version. If the issue persists, feel free to contact us at
Is it free?
Yes, and it will remain so.
And what do you do with my data?
Nothing at all! We only need your email address for account creation and resetting your password if needed. We do not sell or share your informations to anyone. You can access every piece of data linked to your account, or delete your account under "My Profile > Edit Profile".
Will you implement new features?
Yes we will! You can access our roadmap and update notes on the Roadmap page. If you have a new feature idea or any suggestion, please do let us know at
What can I do to help?
You can take a few minutes to answer our launch survey to help us improve Crusade-Manager. Thank you for your consideration!
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